Trilogy 2

Seeding Power on Common Ground  – Open, Heathy, Whole.

When Black women show up in the public square, we do so bringing our full selves, our gender and/or nonconforming identities, aspirations and values. Each episode surfaces barriers, myths and affirmations. All roads transcend the deficits of racism and erasure to foster safe spaces to live and thrive. Ultimately, the strength, power and possibilities begin with us. Trilogy 2 of our Kitchen Table Talks focuses on unerasing and undividing. We take on the bars, myths and obstacles in our quest for healthy, whole and safe futures.


This episode, voiced by women with lived experiences inside the cage, explores needs beyond the profoundly broken and unsustainable system.
Insights, affirmations and tips defy the obstacles and embrace the opportunities to Black women’s health and self-care.
Unfettered dialogues with trans, queer and hetero Black women give heat and light to the quest for a landing space on common ground that declares Ain’t I A Woman.