Trilogy 3

Cutting Room Floor – Sipping at the Virtual Dinner Party

Pull up a seat and enjoy our audio adventure taking in gems from previous trilogies that just couldn’t make it into our 3-minute mashups. From the cutting room floor we found gems worth a listen and a conversation. Host, audio engineer and artist Carolyn Malachi gathers family and friends for lively, real and relevant riffs. It’s dinner time but we’re still at the kitchen table, enjoying the warmth and intimacy that is the glue of our community. There’s a seat for everyone. Settle in for conversations that can’t be missed.


A politically-aligned and generationally-diverse sister circle trade opinions on barriers holding us back from racial equity.
A friend, an auntie and "bonus" mom take us on a trip through intersectionality, AIDS stigma and the healthcare system.
A cross-generational cohort of Black women kick back and react to our favorite tidbits on Black women's voting power.