Making a Difference – Win. Lose. Draw.

Making a Difference – Win. Lose. Draw.

Titus Kaphar, artist.

About this Episode

The 2020 election season is one for the history books. We’ve scored significant firsts, and at the top of the list a Howard University AKA alum, Kamala Harris, wears the title MVP. Black women’s voting power remains an undeniable force in reshaping electoral maps and winning races unattainable just one election cycle earlier. Our dinner party guests – a sister, an aunt, a grandmother – break bread at our kitchen table and react to Glynda Carr and Julianne Malveaux taking a stab at nailing our voting behavior. Their reactions, traveling across generations and opinions, give light to politics, possibilities and our power to be seen and heard.

In this Episode

Carolyn Malachi

The Host

Our host convened her trusted circle to kickback and react to unreleased nuggets of wisdom.

Gladys Mitchell-Reed


“My generation can’t understand why these young people think like they do now, because they’re in a whole different environment than we were in. We’ve got to understand how they think and how they relate. Now, if we want them to understand what it is that we know about what has gone on in the past…then we have talk to them.”


“My mother’s generation’s whole goal was to make sure that we had access to education and access to things that our grandparents did not have. I think we became so focused on the individual – I’m going to get my degrees, I’m going to get my house, I’m going to get my car – that the generation that came after us did that, too.”

Kéira Malachi


Well white women got the right to vote because of us…and then they left us behind like they do in every movement they have. They call us for help. And then they abandoned us.”

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