PrimeTime 55+

Erasure Ends here! 

Celebrating Older Black Women in PrimeTime

Gwen McKinney, Creator.

Somewhere between 55 and 60, the person I had strived to become — for decades commanding a thriving K Street PR firm – was fading into invisibility.

Was it OK Boomer?

Had that dismissive meme banished an entire generation to obsolescence?

Already saddled with racism and sexism, we older chicks are exhausted from carry the triple jeopardy of ageism.

Prey Tell – my tribe of 55+?

Mostly Boomers, we’re a massive cohort, only recently outpaced by the Millennials.

We’re your mommas, aunties, thought leaders and boss ladies; often overperforming and underacknowledged.

We excel across vast avenues —from family, to electoral politics to business ownership.

We’re potent role models for generations of women of all races. But the world doesn’t give us our due.

Joined by our younger sisters, we suffer greater health disparities, wage inequities and discrimination on myriad levels — from buying a car to securing a home mortgage.

Qualifications and excellence be damned!  They’re casualties of  the ugly isms.

About getting old…Sisters of all ages, embrace it – can’t deny it. Every year is a blessing, and if you’re lucky, to those under 55, this too shall pass.

We share more sameness than differences.

We learn from each other, mentors and proteges, on both sides. It’s a dosie doe square dance.

That takes me to our Primetime 55+ online showcase of older Black women.  We ain’t nowhere done!

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Our Findings

We commissioned the Berkeley Media Studies Group to examine who appears on primetime news programming on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC, Monday through Friday from 7pm to 10 pm. 

Our findings – a brief snapshot between May 24 and June 30 – revealed Black women of all ages are hardly visible, but most dramatically, those 55 and older represent a scant 1.6% of all appearances. Of the 1,862 appearances logged during the review period, Black women 55 and older constituted an abysmal 21 appearances. 

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