Trilogy 4

Homecoming – Our Self-Image, Our Space, Our Security

Black women have long built internal homes deep within their souls where the bounty of possibilities live and thrive. But still there are the slings and arrows that deny the safe place we deserve.  Trilogy 4 explores Black women reclaiming home, unearthing the tools to erase ugly scars of racism, and summon our right to be. Each episode stares into the mirror, reflects back the light and takes stock of Black women through the prism of self, wealth or shelter.


Finding home in America has long been a complicated act for Black people. In this episode we train a light on the plight of the unhoused, policies to help and do-gooders being the change we seek.
Access to capital has long been used to deny Black communities economic advancement. In this episode we talk wage equity, banking, and crypto to build new pathways to financial independence.
Beauty is the art of possibilities, to turn into oneself and embrace the reflection that you see. In this episode, we take on myths and celebrate our images, hues, hair and power.