Who We Are


Unerased | Black Women Speak is a public engagement initiative committed to shaping narrative and creating content that amplifies Black women’s voices. Through storytelling, live and virtual events and digital platforms, we strive to shine light on the civic engagement, advocacy and achievements of Black women and the causes they embrace. Our goal is not to replicate the activism that abounds, but to celebrate our change agents, influencers and organizations. 


Yesterday they carried the torch for all people stripped of the most fundamental forms of liberty. Today we pick up the baton, pledging to tell ourstory as it unfolds today. Through our lens of herstory, this space honors the sacrifices and triumphs of descendants of warriors, daughters of the enslaved and the future caretakers of our legacy.


Unerased | Black Women Speak shapes content that amplifies Black women’s voices by organizing talent, influencers and our platforms through:

Constituency Engagement. We showcase civic engagement, policy, advocacy and thought leaders by convening events, public forums and partnering on activities that center Black women’s priorities.

Digital Content Creation. Through online portals, videos and social platforms, we bring together writers, analysts, activists and change agents for storytelling, commentaries, interactive videos and digital montages that stoke thought, celebrate milestones and support organizing of voices on the ground.  

Moving Messages Coaching Sessions. In the fall of 2022, we launched a series of Train the Trainers coaching sessions to help activists on the ground sharpen and deliver messages to move voters to the polls. We believe that electoral power is built during those pivotal days between each and every election. 

Our Joy. Our smiles, delights, habits and hobbies are testaments to Black women’s resilience and strength. We are dedicated to a full-throttle dance with Black women’s joy, through love, light and levity that embodies our warmth and humanity.  

Public Opinion Research. Our focus groups, polling, and other market research help to surface and confirm trends, messages and opinions of Black women. Our campaigns have ranged from a study on Black women’s representation in cable news to multi-generational attitudes about the Midterm elections. 

She Wrote The Book. We showcase and collaborate with authors, publishers, booksellers, book clubs and passionate Black women readers, to amplify their works through digital content and platforms. Our intention is to engage a multigenerational community and lift up the stories so they can fully shine. 

Sisters Civic Circle. This leadership initiative includes activists from targeted states across the country who are making change where they live, work and thrive. The monthly convenings allow civic leaders to compare notes, problem solve and support collective organizing and political participation as they wage and win battleground wars.

Founding Sisters

Project Team/Advisors

Gwen McKinney, Creator and Campaign Director, launched the first Black woman-owned communications firm dedicated to race-centered national policy. She breathes that same acumen into Unerased public engagement, partnerships and storytelling by and about Black women. 

Alyssa Davis, Digital Coordinator, is passionate about creating meaningful content as the Unerased Youtube curator.She has a strong interest in promoting equity for Black and Indigenous communities, especially in healthcare.

April Perry-McKellar, Event Manager, is a content creator who uses video, visuals, music and social platforms to tell press our causes. The native Philadelphian lives with her husband and son.

Antoinette Minor, Social Media and Marketing Specialist, is dedicated to helping Black women influence and inspire their audiences using social media. The Philadelphian enjoys creating content with her “Chief Bark Officer,” Maci.

Carolyn Malachi, Audio Designer, is a Grammy-nominated artist, producer and engineer. The Howard University professor also mixes records for independent artists and conducts research on the intersection of sound and blockchain technology.

Holli Holliday, Constituency Advisor, is a convener, constituency leader, attorney and racial justice advocate whose talents are dedicated to social change for women and healthy workplace cultures aimed at inclusive democracy. 

Jovida Hill, Advisor, heads the Philadelphia Commission for Women. A specialist on gender and racial inclusion, she is an award-winning producer of more than 200 films on education, broadcast and training.

Levi Perrin, Digital Editor, brings a passion for creative storytelling, racial equity and grassroots change. A seventh-generation South Carolinian, he comes to Unerased with experience in digital media outreach and research. 

Llenda Jackson-Leslie, Content Editor,  is a senior communications professional, specializing in public engagement and content management. She is also a senior communications associate with the National Partnership on Women and Families.

Nkechi Taifa, Editorial Advisor, human rights attorney, commentator and author has worked at the Open Society Foundations, Howard University School of Law, ACLU and National Prison Project to advance race equity.

Alex Kavouras, Graphic Designer, is native of Baltimore, MD, and proud Greek-American. He holds a degree in digital communications and has over 15 years of experience in the design industry. 

Mariah McClain, Consultant, brings over nine years of experience specializing in communications and marketing for local, national, and international nonprofit organizations

McKinney & Associates, campaign and team director, is led by Gwen McKinney who established the first Black and woman-owned communications firm that expressly promotes racial justice public policy. For Unerased | Black Women Speak, McKinney continues marrying content and  narrative creation into a suite of integrated strategies aimed at social change

NEO Philanthropy is our fiscal agent. Launched in 1983 as Public Interest Projects (PIP), NEO is a 501(c)(3) public charity committed to building strong social justice movements.As an intermediary, it bridges the gap that often exists between funders and organizations doing the work, through collaborative funds, fiscal sponsorships, donor services and capacity building.


Initial funding for Unerased | Black Women Speak was provided by the following organizations.

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Project Team/Advisors


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