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Black Women Tell Herstory Everyday


Meet phenomenal women of our PrimeTime 55+ Directory. We showcase the power and achievements of older Black women. If you’re 55+ and want to be in the company of change agents, submit your profile today!

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Black women have always been leaders and in this era, it is no different. Our Sisters Civic Circle provides a space to share trials and triumphs, surface resources, sharpen skills and deepen collaboration.

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Women’s History Month honors Black women patriots and pathfinders, the bold and unbossed; ancestors and living legends making history every day. Along the way, they make a better world for everyone!

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Have Black Voters Cooled Off?

Media personalities and pundits claim Black voters are cooling off. But are they? We check in with Sisters Civic Circle leaders in the trenches of Black voter engagement in Atlanta, Charlotte, DC and Philadelphia.

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A Mother’s Child – Lasting Gifts of Wit and Wisdom

We all are someone’s child. Maybe she’s called Mommy, Auntie, Nanna or Big Momma, but we carry her light and love in our hearts, whether she’s here or has joined the ancestors.

9 Phenomenal Black Women Share Mothers’ Life Lessons

We asked nine Black women leaders to reflect on lessons learned from their mothers and the influence that shaped the stand-out women they are today.
Dr. Karen Weaver headshot

A Decade Later: the Flint Water Crisis Continues

In a twisted irony, April Earth Day celebrations coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Flint Water Crisis. A decade later, we caught up with former Flint Mayor Karen Weaver.
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