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Black Women Tell Herstory Everyday


Meet phenomenal women of our PrimeTime 55+ Directory. We showcase the power and achievements of older Black women. If you’re 55+ and want to be in the company of change agents, submit your profile today!

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Black women have always been leaders and in this era, it is no different. Our Sisters Civic Circle provides a space to share trials and triumphs, surface resources, sharpen skills and deepen collaboration.

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Women’s History Month honors Black women patriots and pathfinders, the bold and unbossed; ancestors and living legends making history every day. Along the way, they make a better world for everyone!

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Lesser Versus Evil?

Voting remains a cornerstone of American democracy, but for many Black voters in Michigan, the experience often feels like choosing the lesser of two evils. Similar to other regions where Black voters can make a difference, this sentiment has deep historical roots and reflects the complex dynamics of political engagement.

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Be Whisked Away: The Best Spaces to Escape for Summertime Reading

Choose one of our recommended summer reads, settle into an ideal spot depending on the literary vibe, and let the wonders of storytelling whisk you away.
Stamped photo with passport and destinations under purple background.

The Joys and Challenges of Forging New Frontiers

Black women’s travel holds promise and peril. We share a few experiences of life’s journeys.

Paris – Where the Black Diaspora Meets

Julia Browne, historian and tour guide, takes us back to Paris as a meeting place for descendants of Africa scattered across the globe.
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