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Black women are trailblazers, making remarkable strides in civic engagement, community-building, academia, business development and political participation. Our influence is undeniable, yet we remain largely under-acknowledged for our impact. PrimeTime 55+ takes aim to change the status quo with light and appreciation that sings our praises and tells our story.

Unerased | Black Women Speak gave birth to PrimeTime 55+ in 2021 after conducting a study investigating the absence of Black women in prime time cable news.

The data revealed abysmal representation, particularly for Black women aged 55 and older, as hosts, contributors, guests and experts. In response to this erasure, the PrimeTime 55+ Directory was created as a window into our world. It celebrates and highlights the expertise and influence of Black women over 55 as thought leaders and change agents. Rather than expecting news media to take up our cause, we challenge the triple burden of racism, sexism and ageism by showcasing our significance.


Older Black women are largely excluded, even compared to Black men.


Overall black people representation in primetime lineup is minimal.


Cable news overrepresents 45+ older male perspectives.

Black Women

Our research surfaced the underrepresentation of Black women, particularly older Black women, in the primetime lineup of major cable news networks. Through our Primetime 55+ directory, we proudly showcase a diverse array of Black women experts and thought leaders from various sectors.

Who Are The PrimeTimers?

We are a community of Black women who have through the ages gotten the job done.

Mostly Boomers, we’re a massive cohort that includes Gen Xers and the Silent Generation (78+). We’re your mommas, aunties, thought leaders and boss ladies. Overperforming and underacknowledged, we excel across vast avenues — from family to electoral politics and business ownership.We’re potent role models for generations of women of all races. But the world doesn’t give us our due. It’s up to us to unerase and amplify our excellence

The first Monday in September marks Labor Day and the tribute to working people. Unerased asked four PrimeTime labor leaders to reflect on the role of organized labor in 2023 and beyond.

Call for Profiles

Do you know other Black women who should be profiled in PrimeTime 55+? Please share this invitation link that will allow them to submit their entry. Please note, all entries require self-submission.

The 55+ Directory

Celebrate the Excellence: Amplifying the Unseen Power of Black Women.

Author, Biographer

A’Lelia Bundles

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Video Producer and Creator

Allison J. Davis

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Executive Producer/Host, Another View, WHRV-FM, Norfolk, VA; Owner/Consultant, Sharing Info, LLC

Barbara Hamm Lee

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President, CEO, Health Equity Consultant

Barbara J. Hatcher

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Academia/Director and Professor

Beverly Guy-Sheftall

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