This space salutes Patriots and Pathfinders, the Bold and Unbossed. Their contributions,  celebrated and unknown,  are the stuff of women warriors. Some have joined the ancestors, becoming one. Others, alive and thriving, continue to make their mark today. They’ve toiled in the vineyards of “women’s work”– collaborative, intersectional change agents, sewing common threads of heart and valor.

Thank you Sisters! You light our path and tell our story, giving hope for the ages.

Patriots and Pathfinders

Bessie Coleman was honored by an all Black women Aircrew to highlight her legacy as the first Black woman to earn a pilot's license.
Alice Walker’s journals, edited by Valerie Boyd, have just been published. Unerased honored Boyd recently.
On April 14, Unerased will honor the life of Valerie Boyd with the Legacy and Voice live tribute.


Meet Diane Nash, the Civil Rights icon received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in recognition of her leadership during the 1960s fight against segregation.
Human Rights champion and passionate defender of equity, voting rights, and criminal justice reform, Nicole Austin-Hillery named as President and CEO.
Marita Golden, creative writing teacher, lecturer, and an award-winning author of 19 books, joined us to talk all thing writing, publishing and finding your story.


Singing through their pain, these superstars endured trauma and addiction to produce unforgettable music. Let’s celebrate their soaring legacies.
We celebrate our Rock Stars seeding power, democratic change, and activism across lines real and imagined.
From legal lions to voting-rights knights, these Rock Star women are fusing their collective power to push progressive change.