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In 2020, Ciitizen convened a group to ask--if breast cancer disproportionately affects Black women, why aren't more Black women participating in clinical trials?
Unerased creator Gwen McKinney takes on the blatant lack of representation of Black women over 55 on primetime cable news.
Butler, a leader in Democratic politics, campaign strategy, and the labor movement for two decades, has dedicated her life to helping women find their voice.


A recent Howard University grad offers a Zellenial’s take on musical icon Mary J. Blige who recently shared her journey between darkness and light twenty-seven years after her favorite album.
It’s been 30 years since Anita Hill’s testimony transformed the national conversation on sexual harassment. Her new book underscores the continuing struggle faced by women.
The emergence of young Malcolm X is told through the eyes of a daughter – just two years old when he was assassinated – determined to preserve Malcolm’s truth.

Moving Pictures

Homage to Black Music Month – The loud, proud, bombastic Ma Rainey changed the sound of music forever. Take a peek at her "See See Rider."
What did it take for Ursula Burns to go from public assistance to vaunted board rooms of corporate America? Her story is highlighted in this recent interview.
The topic of cultural appropriation of Black creativity has been a problem for decades. See what happens when Black creatives on TikTok say they have had enough.