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The story of Abigail was lost in history; until The Historian, Martha S. Jones, wrote a brilliant article in remembrance of her journey and all she endured.
Three Black women leading the charge for a new Democratic South through voter registration, grassroots organizing, and speaking truth to power are named 2021 Glamour Women of the Year.
Unerased creator Gwen McKinney takes on the blatant lack of representation of Black women over 55 on primetime cable news.


In case you're stuck on what to get the kids for the holidays, consider Nkechi Taifa's children's books that affirm young Black lives.
Let’s respond to the big lie about critical race theory being taught to K-12 students by putting newly released The 1619 Project anthology in every school in the nation.
Literary legend Marita Golden was busy during the pandemic lockdown interrogating the mandates and myths of The Strong Black Woman.

Moving Pictures

Artist and world-renowned human rights champion Josephine Baker is the first Black woman interred at the Paris Panthéon. Let's celebrate her extraordinary life.
Who are the Black Rosies? Their WWII contributions often get erased from history, but this film brings them to the surface. Check out this film that highlights their stories.
Homage to Black Music Month – The loud, proud, bombastic Ma Rainey changed the sound of music forever. Take a peek at her "See See Rider."