The long march to freedom for Black women has been puncutuated with defeats and triumphs. But through each milestone, we have kept moving. Perseverance, faith, resistance, loyalty and abiding love has always sustained us.  We have stood strong, fought hard and never faltered to speak. Despite the battles and blows, our imprint has indelibly shaped the American story of democracy and justice. Despite the marginalization and omissions, we have commanded a place for ourselves and the larger tribe. Those are the threads that have sewn our humanity, strength and voice. We refuse to be erased. We stand. We rise. We speak.


Unerased | Black Women Speak  is a public engagement initiative committed to shaping narrative and creating content that tells the continuous and unfolding story of Black women. There is power in our voice and vision that we embrace and share with Black women, our broader community, our allies and the world that affirms or challenges us. We support civic engagement and advocacy partners. We showcase Black women’s achievements and stories that have been obscured or untold, unfurling the narrative to unerase our warriors. We offer this Digital Destination, our content and advocacy campaigns  for thought and light.