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Unerased | Black Women Speak is a public engagement initiative committed to shaping narrative and creating content that amplifies Black women’s voices.

What is Unerased?

Yesterday they carried the torch for all people stripped of the most fundamental forms of liberty. Today we pick up the baton, pledging to tell our story as it unfolds today. Through our lens of herstory, this space honors the sacrifices and triumphs of descendants of warriors, daughters of the enslaved and the future caretakers of our legacy.

Why Black Women Speak?

Through storytelling, live and virtual events and digital platforms, we strive to shine light on the civic engagement, advocacy and achievements of Black women and the causes they embrace. Our goal is not to replicate the activism that abounds, but to celebrate our change agents, influencers and organizations.

Our Work

Constituency Engagement

We showcase civic engagement, policy, advocacy and thought leaders by convening events, public forums and partnering on activities that center Black women’s priorities.

Digital Content Creation

Through online portals, videos and social platforms, we bring together writers, analysts, activists and change agents for storytelling, commentaries, interactive videos and digital montages that stoke thought, celebrate milestones and support organizing of voices on the ground.

Trainers Coaching Sessions

We sponsor “Train the Trainers” coaching sessions to help activists on the ground sharpen and deliver messages to move voters to the polls. We believe our electoral power is built during those pivotal days between each and every election.

Our Joy

Our smiles, delights, habits and hobbies are a testament to Black women’s resilience and strength. We are dedicated to a full-throttle dance with our joy, through love, light and levity that embody our soulful humanity.

Public Opinion Research

Our focus groups, polling, and other market research help to surface and confirm trends, messages and opinions of Black women. Our campaigns have ranged from a study on Black women’s representation in cable news to multi-generational attitudes about the midterm elections.

She Wrote The Book

We showcase and collaborate with authors, publishers, booksellers, book clubs and passionate Black women readers, to amplify their works and interests. Our intention is to engage a multigenerational community and lift up the stories so Black women’s voices can be heard and felt.

Sisters Civic Circle

This leadership initiative includes activists from targeted states across the country who are making change where they live, work and thrive. The monthly convenings allow civic leaders to compare notes, problem solve and support collective organizing and political participation as they wage and win battleground wars.