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“What does it take to be first? Talent. Skill. Brilliance. But it also takes courage and tenacity to commit yourself to a goal and refuse to be turned away.”

Publisher-author Cheryl Willis Hudson, embodies that premise. She and her husband Wade Hudson have bragging rights as the leading publisher of books for and about Black children. But the Just Us Books publisher has also traversed wider terrain with a celebration of Black women, produced in collaboration with the National Museum of African American History & Culture.

From Sojourner to Serena, from Marion Anderson to Misty Copeland, from Lena Horne to Beyoncé, Willis Hudson spotlights 50 phenomenal women in Brave. Black. First.  Each profile is a brief but powerfully crafted biography that exudes pride and honor, conveying to Black children the stuff that they are made of. Colorful, dynamic and entreating the reader to jump in, the book is exquisitely illustrated by Erin K. Robinson. Suitable for any coffee table, it is a fabulous gift for women and girls of all ages (and their dads and brothers too)!

Purchase the book here.