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Otatade Okojie, Artist



About this Episode

We begin with an exploration of fibroid, uterine tumors swirling in more questions than answers. With little information on cures or causes, Black women are plagued with the benign tumors three times more frequently than White women, earlier and with greater severity of symptoms. We kickoff this trilogy with our podcast advocacy partner the White Dress Project in marking July as Fibroid Awareness Month. Two project leaders join us to share their personal journey, confront myths, and propose action that breathe hope and unity into a condition that we once suffered in silence and alone.  

In this Episode

Tanika Gray Valburn

“We normalize the pain. Everybody has cramps. We normalize the PMS. Everybody’s in a bad mood around that time of the month…no, it’s not acceptable, we can’t normalize it anymore.”

Amber English Coleman

“It is high time to fund research into uterine fibroids. But all the research money in the world is not going to change the way black women are treated in the medical system.”

Gwen McKinney


“No more suffering in silence or alone. Our bodies are going public. Sharing our stories. Moving social. Taking action. And demanding change.”

Taylor-Alexis Gillard

Uterine fibroids affect black women three times more than any other race. After being diagnosed, the filmmaker sets out to explore why some black Women are as silent as the growth.

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