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Ernie Barnes, artist.



About this Episode

The history of Black resistance and survival is often contorted and swept quietly into corners of confusion and internalized racism. This virtual dinner party goes in many directions, brings heat and light along with shared appreciation. Host Carolyn Malachi convened an intergenerational sister circle to reflect on deep-rooted challenges; from anti-Blackness to bootstrap respectability, to mass incarceration to social justice marketing. Our guests also react to words and wisdom of Vivan Nixon and Nat Chioke Williams, guests from earlier episodes whose valuable insights here were retrieved from the cutting room floor.

In this Episode

Carolyn Malachi

The Host

Our host convened her trusted circle to kickback and react to unreleased nuggets of wisdom.

Rosemari Mealy

Baby Boomer

“Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is a myth…You have to think about Black women’s wombs being capital. That capital produced everything in this country.”

Asha Santee 


“Racism shows up in so many different layers…I wouldn’t even call [the language] buzz words. I’d call it the punch line.”

DJ Heat 

Gen X

“I could say that I am guilty of using the term people of color and I stopped…our fights, our struggles are not the same.”

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