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LaRita Dixon, artist.



About this Episode

The Likability quotient for women office seekers seems to be more unforgiving than for men. In fact, data show that women often encounter an uphill battle securing votes from other women. Recent election cycles have also illustrated that White women and Black women are very different political animals. Likability aside, can white women make the shift to vote for women candidates in major statewide and up-ballot elections? How can we close the racial gender gap?

In this Episode

Executive Director, BlackPAC

“Every time a woman stands up, it creates the space for us to move towards a woman sitting in the Oval Office.”

Executive Director, Higher Heights for America

“We don’t go to the polls alone. We bring our house, our block, our church, our sorority, and our union.”

Founder & Co-Convener, PowerRising

“And it just so happens when Black women succeed, everybody else succeeds as well.”

Scholar, Eagleton Center on Women and Politics

“These biases, both likability and electability, really force women candidates to run two campaigns at one time.”

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