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About this Episode

“Women of Color” or “People of Color” are convenient shorthand that denies the distinct experience, not only of Black folks, but all folks. Multiracial unity should not boil down to a melting pot that includes everyone and no one. Indigenous, Black, Latinx and Asian American thought leaders share the paths and roadblocks to multiracial alliances that embrace, not erase, our unique identities and collective power.

In this Episode

Political Activist & Professor, Smith College

“I see the term “people of color” being wielded, largely by white people, to imperfectly mask their anti-Black racism.”

Project Director, Restoring Justice for Indigenous Peoples

“As a California Native woman, every day is a fight for visibility, to just be seen as who we are–we still exist here.”

Executive Director, Hill-Snowdon Foundation

“The term “people of color” erases the distinct identities, the histories, the needs and strengths of people–particularly Black people.”

President, New American Leaders

“The challenge of language if it is not repeatedly revisited and revised, is that it becomes sometimes a tool that can subsume or erase differences.”

President, Futuro Media Anchor, Latino USA & In The Thick

“We appreciate the specificities, but many people in this community are literally fighting for their lives post-COVID, to not be deported and separated from their children.”

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