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Annie Lee, artist.



About this Episode

The Affordable Care Act. Obama two-term presidency. Marriage equality. Black Lives Matter. Black women electoral power. Intersectionality sews the threads of Black Girl Magic. It is also the main course on the table at this episode’s dinner party. Guests hear from Susan TaylorAishah Shahidah SimmonsDeon Haywood and Adrienne Shropshire. The conversation touches on homophobia, the AIDS stigma, racism in healthcare and musing about a future Governor Stacey Abrams.

In this Episode

Carolyn Malachi

The Host

Our host, kicking back in a circle of trust, defined fear with this acronym: False Education Accepted as Reality.

Kristine Malachi

Bonus Mom (Stepmother)

“As an African American woman, I think that we all can say that while my story might not be your story and vice versa, there is a need for me to understand your story… and your perspective so that we can find common ground and grow together.”

Susan Mitchell 


“We’re definitely going to have a black woman governor in the next two years – Stacey Abrams. We already have a Black vice president. So we’re we’re moving that way. They are afraid [of us] and there will be some people out there trying to stop us, but we’re headed in [the right] direction.”

Cornita “Corey” Robinson

“Just because I say stop rape or don’t touch me or don’t sexualize me…does not mean that I don’t like men. It’s just that I don’t like being treated like that…It’s not about a male versus woman thing – we deserve to be treated as people, as human beings.”

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