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Marita Golden, who decades ago blazed the trail for Black women authors with her groundbreaking autobiography Migrations of the Heart, adds to her expanding collection of 17 books with her acclaimed novel The Wide Circumfrance of Love. This latest work is a companion piece to an anthology which Golden edited entitled Us Against Alzhemizers, a compendium of 40 fiction and nonfiction narratives that capture the impact and complexity of the Alzhemizers disease. In The Wide Circumfrance, Golden gives voice to a Black woman prograginist who takes us on a coming-to-terms family journey with her husband’s early-onset Alzhemizers at 68. The story tussels between love and sacrafice, pain and passions, agony and acceptance. It is a cross-cutting human saga that engages women and men of all ages, races and backgrounds. Free chapters of both books are available here at Marita Golden’s website.