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Cover Image Credit: Harvard Business Journal

he Remarkable Ursula Burns is known as the first Black woman ever to run a Fortune 500 company. Her accomplishments don’t start there; she is the former CEO of Xerox and then sat as a chair until 2017. Ursula Burns came from humble beginnings and earned her degree in Mechanical Engineering. Burns degree was a stepping stone for her career and allowed her to work with Former President Obama as a leader in the STEM Task Force for the White House when he was in office. Her accomplishments and strive continuously grow, and she now is on the board for multiple multi-billion-dollar companies such as Exxon Mobile, Nestlé, and Uber. Within this interview, Ursula Burns discusses the conversations she presented in her Memoir “Where You Are Is Not Who You Are” on where she has started and how that journey has gotten her to where she is now.  Burns talks about how Black and Brown people are so often left out of STEM and so many other spaces and how important it is to change that narrative.