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Celeste Morris

Public Affairs Consultant

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Celeste Morris spends her days creating and implementing projects that will support and lift the voices of those traditionally not heard. Founding MorrisAllsop Public Affairs in 2007 was the natural outgrowth of Morris’ extensive career and experience as a leader in government, politics and business including heading the NYC and MTA Minority and Women Business programs.

The firm serves as a partner, consultant and trainer for non-profit organizations, small businesses, minority and women owned enterprises, and progressive political candidates and elected officials. The foundation of the mission is to work in partnership with clients with marketing and promotion strategies, navigating the maze of government, legislation and policy making through training, direct advocacy activities and organizational support. Ms. Morris is also the founder of the Advocacy Academy Project, an initiative to train and activate grassroots and faith-based leaders on effective advocacy strategies for their causes.

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