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Biting. Illuminating. Courageous. Journalist and storyteller Maria Hinojosa’s new book Once I Was You: A Memoir of Love and Hate in a Torn America takes us on a journey of darkness and light.

Her words and insights remind us of who we are, but even more important, who we can be. Through the eyes of an immigrant who has also crusaded for racial and social justice, Hinojosa projects a deeply personal and wholly public portrayal of hope, alienation and the “American Dream.” Through her story she finds the common threads that weave into whole cloth family, community and humanity.

She takes us on a path of her own sojourn across the border as a girl, and then decades later as a truth-seeker connects us to the sad and horrid realities of migrant children in detention. This memoir is important, now more than ever, as our nation struggles to separate the other from the us and reunite everyone into the bonds of belonging.

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