Abortion Rights Protect Black Women

Abortion Rights Protect Black Women

The funny thing about all of this is that conservatives don’t care about abortions.

They don’t care.

They know that abortions do not actually save children or stop women from having abortions.

Abortion rates go down when countries make it legal: report

Access to contraceptives, investing in affordable healthcare, and safety nets for mothers and families.

These are the things that actually lower abortion rates:

The GOP is not concerned about life and death.

Their concern is power, control, and punishment. Power to stay in their positions of “leadership”. To make single-issue voters out of evangelical white Christians. To distract them from the fact that their lives do not get improved by GOP leadership.

It’s no surprise to me that the states that are keen on implementing anti-Abortion laws are also the states with the highest concentration of poor Americans and Americans of color: Black women.

Black and Hispanic people have the most to lose if Roe is overturned

“Abortion restrictions are racist … They directly impact people of color, Black, brown, Indigenous people … people who are trying to make ends meet.”

This is why the conservatives will have no problem revoking Roe v. Wade. When marginalized groups face the brunt of an attack, it’s easier to justify and ignore.

Abortion rights protect Black women. Therefore they protect everyone. Because protecting the most vulnerable group often does benefit everyone.

With that being said, abortion for some Black Americans is an unacceptable topic. For good reason: our history of being attacked, killed, our children and sisters being slaughtered.

This is why abortion must be federally protected.

Regardless of how we feel, it is the truth.

You can’t be anti-abortion and pro-life. Because abortion saves lives.

Again, abortion has been used as a political tool to garner more power and obtain a “leadership position”. The GOP leadership has enabled the worst fears of low-information voters and have abused their religious belief solely for the purpose to become lawmakers.

Not to protect children and families.

And it is low-income women, Brown women, and Black women that suffer the most.

All is not lost though, because we have communities and organizations that can provide as many services as we can.

And promote these organizations!

7 Organizations to Donate to In Order to Protect Roe v. Wade

Please share the above link with your mothers, daughters, sisters, and girlfriends.

Oh, and for the men who don’t believe they will be affected by this, the GOP is also making pushed toward contraceptives (condoms).

Imagine the conservative base being emboldened after this eventually court decision. They walk into Walgreens and see the condoms behind the cashier’s desk.

“ What is this nastiness, pedophilia, programming Liberal nonsense is this!” I’m just saying.

So, men, you may want to pay attention, or you’ll be told to with your body by the government.