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Palm Sunday Procession by Romare Bearden.



About this Episode

Money, employment and capital are the gateway to security and generational wealth. Living wages, pay equity and business ownership are critical to economic power for Black women and the Black community. The longstanding reality of Black women as the principal earner for her family has intensified the need to close the widening wealth gap and consider the possibility of real equality. Add to this the sprint to cryptocurrencies and cashless exchanges. Tossed into the unbanked of our economic and social structures, Black women are resilient workers and creative earners. This episode takes a peek at the status quo and provides insight into new century banking and finance.

In this Episode

Dr. Sheila Brooks

Operating businesses during this global health pandemic has been one of the greatest challenges of my career, and I’ve been in business for more than 30 years. You have to turn the pain into purposes.”

Salandra Benton

“Fifteen dollars an hour is not a sufficient living wage when the milk is five dollars and bread is three dollars…We must keep pushing forward to equal wages and living wages for people in our community.”

Vasu Reddy

Even though Black women have some of the highest labor force participation rates and some of the highest education rates, unfortunately that does not seem to be narrowing the wage gap…Black women who have a master’s, make less than white men with a bachelor’s.”

Shelley Sylva

I think the challenge around when we talk about why are so many people unbanked, I think is about access to an institution that is very structured and that people have an unfamiliarity with.”

Tavonia Evans

“The biggest concern in our community is trust. So, we’re providing something that breaks down those barriers to trust, which is a public ledger [that is] providing us with the data so that we can see where the money is flowing in and out of the community and where it’s making an impact.”

Dior Ashley Brown

“Your constitution / No resolution / It’s your illusion / Your confusion / My mind you won’t prostitute / I’m gon get the loot / I’m gonna call the Troops / We for the youth / And you for da boot.”

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