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About this Episode

The Blues have been memorialized in books, films and music. But suffering the blues, or depression, has been a taboo topic among Black women for generations. Even as the stigma is lifted in some corners, millions refuse to acknowledge the illness, suffer in silence, or are unable to find sustainable treatment. In this episode, we explore “the blues” through the voices of three accomplished women who have battled depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

In this Episode

Bassey Ikpi

“Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean that thing is good for you . . . one of the things that I’ve learned over my journey with my mental health is that the most important thing is my mental wellness.”

Octavia Carlos, LCSW-C

“We believe that we’ve got to handle everything . . . Stress can become depression. Once we feel overwhelmed and unable to cope [you need a plan] so that you can master whatever the situation is [and] feel empowered.”

Lisa Stewart


“We find ourselves in social isolation . . . it’s very easy to sit in your home and not be engaged . . . [but] those are exactly the moments in which you need to engage.”