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The Craft Beer Industry is known for being a male-dominated field. However, African Women were the ones to start brewing. Women were the main ones to brew throughout history. When the attractiveness of brewing’s profit potential became well known, men started taking over the industry and pushing women out of the picture. Briana Brake, the founder of Spaceway Brewery, and Celeste Beatty, the founder of Harlem Brewing Company, are taking back the name of a “Brewster” as a Black woman.

During Women’s History Month, let’s highlight these women and other Black women who are taking back this field in which they were erased in.

We can’t just be about the business of beer. This is a huge thing for Black women to be here in the capacity we are in.”  – Celeste Beatty.

“Right now, everyone who works here is a Black woman. They are learning more about craft beer and the industry.” – Briana Brake.