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About this Episode

Moving beyond the pink ribbons of October, we explore the elevated life-threatening stakes for Black women in detecting and fighting breast cancer, through the voices of women at various points of their own personal journeys.

In this Episode

Ricki Fairley

“I’m really working hard on how to talk to black women differently about science, about clinical trial research, and about the need to save our lives from breast cancer.”


Brandi Proctor

“Having a preventative double mastectomy was the most over-the-top, radical, scary thing I’ve ever done, but I felt like my life depended on it and I owed it to my children.”

Deltra James

“I have five daughters and I don’t want them to live their lives dictated by fear, but I do want them to have the best chance at not receiving a cancer diagnosis.”

Arianna Apodaca

“Don’t be scared to get a second opinion and be your own advocate because you are paying your doctors. Use your money wisely and to its full advantage.”

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