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Did you know

I was always watching

perched in the kitchen corner

grandgirl eyes staring staring


at the stove

wooden spoon stirring


hungering for your scent

your magic

soup beans

navy white butter,

garden greens

collards mustards turnips,

hocks and jowls

simmering simmering


thirsting for one sip

of your pot likker love.


Did you know

I was always gazing

at your slippered feet standing

back bending bending


tasting, humming

some spirit song, lovely

hair piled high

eyes brown like mine


wondering wondering

at the apron

bound round

and round your waist,

your dreams

wondering at your body

that bore nine babies

and still conjured grace.


My dear Grand Mother,

did you ever feel my

longing longing

from across the room

waiting for you

to turn

to see me

to tell me

how to survive

in this place?

DeeLashee Artistry, cover art.

DeeLashee Artistry, cover art.