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About this Episode

From in utero, to cradle, to grave, Black women suffer gross health disparities that are rampant externally, but also get under our skin and literally live in our bones. Our guests interrogate myths and perceptions about the Black super woman. For generations we’ve been bold and resilient, even as our bodies endure the racist structures that have created a public health crisis. Insights, affirmations and tips defy the obstacles and embrace the opportunities to Black women’s health and self-care. 

In this Episode

Executive Director, Women With A Vision, Inc.

What history has taught us, and what current day events have taught us [is that] the healthcare system [is] a system of oppression.”


“The stress of dealing with systemic racism becomes embedded in our bodies, almost like blood, almost like bones.”

Health Equity Strategist

“Black women are three to four times more likely to die than white women from pregnancy-related complications. The gap is wider now than it was during slavery.”

Co-Founder and COO, Girltrek

“On top of being an amazing political tool, the single most powerful thing a person can do for their health, verified  through scientific research, is to actually walk.”

Family Physician and Epidemiologist

COVID-19 ripped the sheets off of the racial inequity and how racism has a differently structured opportunity and assigned value in this country. So it was a wake up call. “

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