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Here’s What The Beyhive Did When This Country Music Station Refused to Play Beyoncé’s Newest Country Songs

By February 7, 2024February 20th, 2024No Comments

The devil may work hard, but Beyoncé’s beyhive works harder. And if you needed more proof of that, look no further than their latest move that got a local radio station to do an about face regarding Bey’s latest singles. I’ll explain.

You see, on Super Bowl Sunday, Queen Bey broke the internet once again when she dropped not one—but two new songs as a part of “Renaissance Act II.” Titled “16 Carriages” and “Texas Hold’Em,” respectively, the new songs were Bey’s official introduction to her new era which is explicitly and unapologetically country. Whereas Act I revolved around house music/house music influences—based off these newly released tracks, this Act II will see Yoncé pushing the Yee-Haw Agenda and naturally—BeyHive members were head over heels about it. In fact, they were so excited, one fan in particular decided to reach out to their local country music station in Southern Oklahoma to request for them to play “Texas Hold’Em.”

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