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Delita Martin, artist.







About this Episode

Going into the Presidential election, Black women are generally a united front. But in the cultural sphere, deep gulfs separate Boomers from Millennials. Mores, technology, perceptions and expectations carve a divide and in the middle, GenXers (41 – 55), straddling between the Boomers (56 -76) and Millennials (24-39), seek paths to build upon Black women’s unity and collective power. Our cross-generational conversation will explode myths and embrace common ground that will take us to November 3.

In this Episode


“I think that we’re not so much divided as disconnected. I don’t think we talk so much cross generationally as we should.”

DC Council Candidate

“I think there is an age divide certainly, but fundamentally in terms of values and our commitments as Black women to our communities, there’s not as much of a divide as is often portrayed.”

Senior Political Strategist, Working Families Coalition

“We all have stories that we can weave together, and when we are sharing space with baby boomers or elders, or even young folks who are organizing in the streets, it becomes so important to share those stories.”

Founder, Transformative Justice Coalition

“It’s an uphill battle for a lot of the young women out here, because we’re in a society that devalues Black women’s leadership, period.”

Deputy Director, Alliance for Youth Action

“The young people deserve to have a seat at the table and they will bring their seat if they need to.”

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