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Violation of Human Rights, by Lynnie Z.



About this Episode

Episode 22 presents a candid conversation about sex work, and the women who choose to participate in it. We ask you to suspend preconceived notions or moral judgements and engage in this dialogue about human rights and dignity.

In this Episode

Dr. Mindy Chateuvert

“Is there any sex, paid or unpaid, that is not transactional? Sex work is an exchange…a negotiation where you say I will do this for that. It is clearly laid out around consent.”


Feminista Jones

“I came up with a bystander intervention tactic, #YouOKSis, that centers the victim. Give Black women a safe, supportive space to tell their stories and you’ll learn a lot about them.”

Ceyenne Doroshow

“Black trans sex workers tend to own their own economy because they’re not governed by policy or an agency that says you don’t exist, or we’ll help you…but only this much.”

Ashara Ekundayo

“The Beloved and Insistence is a site-specific performance project that addresses the issues of displacement, well-being and sex trafficking of Black women and girls in Oakland.”


“I was taught that sex work is bad, but sex work is work. It is not to be devalued just because it is sex-related. We need to be fundamental about talking about human rights.”

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