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By December 18, 2023No Comments

Artist unknown, source Pinterest.

By Sister Lisa Muhammad.

Come follow us through every line and every verse
Where there’s no need to curse or rehearse, where it doesn’t matter who’s first…
To where Mother Nature and Father Time bear the seeds of the Universe.
Come with us to where the Earth is golden, bronze, deep deep brown and sable;
Come if we’re able to where each blade of grass has a dance of its own
Where souls are grown
To the magnificent plains, where plain is magnificent; all is God sent!

Come with us where the wind whistles a tune to the moon
And the moon gleams boldly in our dreams.
See the streams that flow endlessly across the land,
Take our hands and let’s run in the sparkling sand
Where the rocks and stones glisten, where the air listens to every thought we make!
Where everything is awake, nothing is shallow or fakeBy
Where our Free body shakes as our feelings ripple across the lake.

Come to where Justice is in Power and a whole NEW world is ours
Where new mountains rise like righteous towers.
Where the mahogany trees in the cool breeze reach out into infinite space…
Where the morning dew kisses our face, the mist feels our embrace,
Life runs an endless race… Come with us to this place.
Where the waters are untroubled as they bubble with the breath of LIFE,
Free from strife.
Where schools of fish absorb the waves of wisdom through their gills
Where all is still yet alive with will…
Where the Universe is The University and Unity respects Diversity
Where we benefit from God’s mercy, free from controversy.

Come with us to the hills, to the horizon,
Where the soft silhouettes of the clouds greet the mountain-tops;
Where Growth never stops!
Where cleansing, clarity sparkles in each refreshing raindrop.
Where everything is Real, where it is safe to feel,
Where nature has the ultimate power to heal…
Come with us where the birds sweetly sing as they spread their wings,
Where Truth exists in ALL things!
Come home, where the trees stand strong and tall like the Creator’s soldiers
God’s Infant Trees lined up side by side with deep roots,
Styled stems, braided branches, evergreen afros and multi-colored locks…
Leaves, like hair growing naturally, waving in the air
Come if we dare to where everything shares and cares.
Where the four-legged creatures engage in call-and-response,
Each tribe, speaking in their native tongue.
Where human beings are no longer tribes.
We’ve united our languages, spirits and vibes.

Come where ALL is One!
Where variety is good and never misunderstood.
Where the young look after the Elders, the Elders look after the young…
Come where Mother Earth and her bright Sun work together
To sustain Life, maintain Order, gain Peace;
Where land has no lease, where materialisms cease, where iniquities decrease,
Moralities increase and the light of Truth rises not only in the east.
Where all try to withstand the test so that Truth can rise in the west…
At Knowledge’s request, Wisdom will manifest
And Understanding will leave us blessed!

Come where God reigns Supreme and Love is reality, not a distant dream!
Don’t be afraid; step out of “the shade”
Step away from the Man-made and leap into the Everglades…
Come where the sun shines warm on our skin
Where nothing ends and where everything begins! YES.

Come with us where the deep dark ebony sky radiates
With a million piercing Lights,
Twinkles with billions of diamonds on a blue-black velvety Comforter,
Listens with a trillion attentive ears,
Looks on with a zillion watchful eyes of “sex sextillion” royal Ancestors…
Come replace today’s rulers with tomorrow’s Spiritual successors.
Free ourselves from our wicked oppressors.
Follow the Light of each and every star.
Come, discover who we really are!