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Art by Makeba Rainey

By Stephanie Lipscomb

A Tribute to Aretha Franklin

My time on earth is done.
What I leave behind must carry on.
The power of my voice is God’s gift, but my choice.

I chose to inspire, to calm and admire.
With the strength of my voice, it became a choice.

To demand respect, think, and rocksteady, where reasons to inspire my people to aim higher.
Knowing a change is gonna come, daydreaming, and something he can feel we’re to calm the spirit so my people could heal.

The power of my voice, the one I used by choice to admire the natural woman the rose that is still a rose.
Women of color to love one another and embrace, and admire, was my true desire.

So now that I’m gone, if you remember one song.
I say a little prayer, because ain’t no way the precious Lord would have allowed me to live with God’s gift of my voice.

That I used by choice.
To leave behind.
How I spent my time.