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About this Episode

If maladies like fibroid tumors, preterm birth, or maternal death are the window into our life cycle, preconception health is the house that contains the burdens, opportunities and realities of our health outcomes before, during and prior to birth — whether we decide to conceive at all. The schemes and blueprint of preconception health, imprinted en utero, carry our life cycle to the grave. We meet health professionals and equity advocates who share insights and tackle the complex labyrinth with overlapping birth, life and health consequences.

In this Episode

Jovida Hill

“Most women don’t look forward to menopause with all it says about the aging process…Actually, menopause was a savior for me.”

Porche Chiles

“It is high time to fund research into uterine fibroids. But all the research money in the world is not going to change the way black women are treated in the medical system.”

Alicia Henson

“Providers needs to listen to women when they say something the first time…not when she’s gasping for breath, not when she’s screeching in pain — the first time. Period, point blank.”

Dr. Soyini Hawkins

“We all very uniquely have different goals. Some of us want to be mothers. Some of us want to be career women. So living your best healthy life would be the one mantra to live by.”

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