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Niani Montgomery Kilkenny

Museum History and Culture Administrator, Producer

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Niani Montgomery Kilkenny, a veteran Black community, anti-racist and anti-Imperialist political activist and organizer, served in the leadership of the Washington, DC Chapter of the National Anti-Racist Organizing Committee (NAROC), co-coordinator of the Metro Washington chapter of the National Anti-Klan Network, and member of the Southern Africa News Collective (SANC), and the Southern Africa Support Project (SASP).

A graduate of the Howard University (BA, Business Administration) Kilkenny has been Director of the Program in African American Culture [PAAC] at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History [1992 – 2003]; Coordinator of that program under the direction of its founder, Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon [1982 – 1992]; and public affairs director of WHUR-FM, Howard University Radio [1974-1981].

Ms. Kilkenny, a third generation Washingtonian, lives in the Shaw area of the city. She has three children, three adult granddaughters, four great-grandsons and a great-granddaughter, who are the reasons she still fights.