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About this Episode

This episode gives voice to opening up and coming to terms with identities (and non-identities) that paint the rich mosaic of the Black woman’s realities in the long and continued march to democratic inclusion. Unfettered dialogues with trans, queer and hetero Black women give heat and light to the quest for a landing space on common ground that declares Ain’t I A Woman. 

In this Episode

Author, Activist, Artist

“The only time I am safe in a Black space is when it is not [known] that I am transgender.”

Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer

“Intersectionality isn’t just about intersecting identities it’s about intersecting oppressions.”

Founder & CEO, National CARES Mentoring Movement

“Being accepting of women who are nonbinary or nonconforming… it’s difficult for some women who grew up [in a time when] those terms didn’t even exist.”


We live in a world where gender is just easily pulled apart and picked with. Throughout the history of this country, Black women have not ever been able to be women.”


My blacknesss, and my feminist and lesbian queer identities, they’re all intertwined. I do not separate them. They are one.”

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