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Artwork by Lauren Anderson



About this Episode

In this new segment premiere, we provide an inside look at all aspects of the reading and writing communities: established authors, would-be authors, editor/publishers, and book club organizers. If diving into a good book is your personal passion, listen to these women tell you how that bright idea turns into a tangible product, and the hurdles that must be overcome to get it into your hands.

In this Episode

Marita Golden

“Stories come to me in different ways. A lot of times, I’ll end up writing a story that I had absolutely no idea that I was going to write, but I literally got called…I call it getting my assignment from God. And I have no idea how I’m going to do it. But if I’ve been assigned that work to do, I’ll figure it out.”

Kici Cofield 

“I think the narrative about black people not reading is false. We can change that narrative by continuing to make reading more relatable. I have people who look forward to my recommendations. I think that sometimes people just struggle with finding a good book, but there’s a book for everything.”

Dine Watson

“We were readers in my household. We weren’t allowed to just go outside and play in the street all the time, but we could go to the library. And that foundation of reading, I think, is what fueled my passion for writing. I just want the strength to birth my own book and get it out there!”

Melody Guy

“We need more black women as editorial directors, as publishers, making decisions not just about what’s being published, but in terms of how people are paid. We need a different measurement when it comes to authors of color compared to white authors, making sure that they get paid their fair due as well.”

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