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The Oklahoma Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 happened 100 years ago. Three survivors: Viola Fletcher (107 years old), Hughes Van Ellis (100 years old), and Lessie Benningfield (106 years old). Testify infront of the House Judiciary Committee seeking justice for the terrors that occurred during that sad and terrifying time. Tulsa, Oklahoma, was home to Black Wallstreet; Where the Black community thrived, securing their own wealth framed by their own businesses and homes. 100 years ago, that all changed when a group of racists came into the prospering community and massacred the community and destroyed the town. The survivors and descendants of the Tulsa Massacre have yet to receive justice and are asking for the justice they have waited so long to obtain.


“I’m asking that my country acknowledge what happened to me, the tremors and the pain, the loss. And I ask survivors and descendants to be given a chance to seek justice”. – Viola Fletcher (107 years old)

“We were made to feel that our struggle was unworthy of justice. That we were less valued than whites, that we weren’t fully Americans. We were shown that not all men are equal under law. We were shown that when Black voices called out for justice, no one cared. But we still have faith that things would get better”. – Hughes Van Ellis (100 years old)

“I survived a 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. And I have survived 100 years of painful memories and losses. By the grace of God, I am here. I have survived. I have survived to tell this story. I believe that I am still here to share it with you. Hopefully now you all will listen to us while we are still here”. – Lessie Benningfield (106 years old)