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We: For Breonna / I Can’t Forget



Me and Bre

We be the same

We be girls 

with bold three syllable names 

 that take up space, like Me

 and Bre

 We be brown girls

 mocha malt ball round girls

thick with thigh and love

of music

 and smiles and dancing

and dancing 

and dancing.


Me and Bre 

We be knowing each other

from way back before now,  

before all this  

We be reaching for the same light

and finding it, sometimes 

 battling the same war 

and winning it, sometimes

carrying each other’s pain 

and pain

and pain.


So please,

don’t tell me nothing

‘bout Me and Bre ‘cause

We be each other’s people

 from ‘round the way,

 back when our blood

 was fresh and flowing

We be the same.

By Bernardine (Dine) Watson, Sept. 2020