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Busboys and Poets Restaurant Mural, The Crown Act. Anacostia, Washington, D.C.



About this Episode

This episode embraces the raison d’etre of Unerased | Black Women Speak. No one can tell us what to say, how to say it,  write it, or when we Scream, Stream, Blog, Record it. We’ve sounded our drums for centuries, before a printing press or radio airwaves existed. 

Our words carry depth and breadth, shaping narrative and creating content, stoking the unfolding story of us. There’s rhythm in our voice, magic in our vision, power in our step. It’s magnified when we share with our sister tribe, our community, our allies and the world that affirms or challenges us. This show celebrates our narrative, stories and content conceived by, for and about Black women. In the spirit of patriots, pathfinders, poets, publishers and scribes — listen up!

In this Episode

Denise Rolark Barnes 

“There are dozens of black women publishers across this country whose contributions may never be widely known or appreciated…Yet, their impact should not be denied, overlooked or ignored.”

Cheryl Thompson-Morgan

“It becomes increasingly important that women…black folks…have access to own our news organizations. Because when we own our organizations, we own the voice.”

Paige Mariah

“I currently have about 193,000 subscribers on YouTube. It took a while, but I think it was just consistency and being very authentic.”

Sonya Ross

“I spent more than 30 years in mainstream media, primarily covering politics, and spent a good deal of that time seeking permission to go for interesting stories that revolved around black people in particular. I’m done asking for permission.”

Deborah Woolen

“When black women have the opportunity to speak from our own perspectives, we tell the stories of our communities. And that’s why it’s so important to [create] black women-focused media.”

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