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Dance Mission Theater is an artist driven space dedicated to inclusiveness, fairness, and justice.

The Dance Mission Theater of San Francisco hosted the D.I.R.T. – Dance in Revolt(ing) Times) Festival 2021: Harriet’s Gun, Shapeshifting Towards a Radically Imagined Black Future. To mark Women’s History Month, the performances were billed as a ritual of black joy, possibility, and healing, reckoning with the 30 years between Rodney King and Breonna Taylor. Black artists claim space to tell their stories, uplift creative medicine and conjure hope.

Co-curated by Sarah Crowell, Artistic Director Emeritus of Destiny Arts Center in Oakland, CA and Adia Tamar Whitaker, Artistic Director & Founder of the Brooklyn-based performance ensemble Àṣẹ Dance Theatre Collective, Harriet’s Gun, featuring world class Black artists from around the country offers virtual performances that defy time and space, are still accessible. HERE

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