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Gloria Willingham-Toure

Nonprofit Founder and CEO

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Gloria Willingham Toure, PhD is a trailblazer and an academic leader. As a retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel, she is the first and only African American Chief of Nursing Education and Research for The US Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System in Long Beach, California. She is also the first African American to serve as Chair of the Goddard College Board of Trustees

Born and raised in the Jim Crow south, she is part of the “Little Rock Four,” a group of students who attended Little Rock Central High School following the iconic Little Rock Nine. She is a Fulbright Scholar in Public and Global Health. She is a member of CSULB Board of Governors, a charter member of the Claremont Graduate University Alumni Board of Directors, and a member of the Advisory Board of MediaU. She has received countless awards at the local, state, national, and international levels.

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